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Welcome to Power Covers the modern alternative for caring for your motorcycle. After nearly 30 years of experience in motorcycle mechanics we understand the ins and outs of motorcycle maintenance and the importance of providing a good up keep for such an advanced machine.

 If you are fairly experienced or have a passion for bikes then you may understand the nature of caring for the battery as well as the importance of having a suitable place to store your bike. However what if you are not fortunate enough to own a garage to store your vehicle? This is where PowerCovers comes in-a fantastically modern solution to both protecting the body work of your vehicle as well as preventing the battery from going flat.

You might be aware that if left for a long period of time the battery on a bike can go flat and once this happens will never be in the same condition as it was beforehand. What this means is that it will never be able to charge fully again or worse become completely unusable. This is due to sulfation of the battery which often occurs if it has been left to go flat a couple of times. This is a common occurrence if the bike has been left unused over a long period of time or has only been used for short distances.

Purchasing a Powercover is sure to prevent the same issue happening in the future and as we know a new battery including recovery and labour can cost around £200 so you would essentially be saving a lot of money in the long run.

About Our Motor Bike Covers

Owner Paul Duffy explaining how our unique covers can benefit your motorcycle.