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Solar Powered Motorcycle Covers

Our power covers are a unique design that you will not find elsewhere. As we have spent nearly 30 years specialising in the mechanics of motorcycles we have had a lot of experience in the general maintenance that is needed for keeping your bike in good condition. Our main focus was drawn to the issues faced for bike owners without adequate facilities for storing and charging their motorcycles. We recognised the problems that occur due to batteries being left to go flat and the need for a modern way to prevent this.

Ideally it is best to keep your bike in a garage where you can leave the battery to charge and it is safe from weather erosion however we understand that not everyone has this luxury. It is for this reason that we came up with a solar powered cover.

The Powercover resolves both problems as it is designed to protect the bike from elements such as rainwater whilst preventing the motorcycle battery from decaying. It works by charging the battery using solar technology found within the cover which is an eco friendly cheaper alternative for generating power to your battery.   They are also superior in comparison to many over brands of motorcycle covers due to quality of material used.

All our powercovers are manufactured using material of exceptional quality and are 100 percent waterproof. These fantastic designs are perfect for all motorcycles and a great solution if you have no means of storage and an easily accessible place in your house to charge your motorcycles battery.

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